How Much Does a Wedding Cost in Canada? Average Costs and Money-Saving Tips

Planning a wedding can be exciting and stressful at the same time. One of the biggest challenges is setting a realistic budget that covers all the expenses and meets your expectations. But how much does a wedding cost in Canada? And what factors affect the price? In this blog post, we will explore some of the average costs and tips to save money on your big day.

Average cost of a wedding in Canada

According to a 2019 survey by WeddingWire, the average cost of a wedding in Canada was $29,450, excluding the honeymoon. This includes the venue, catering, photography, attire, entertainment, flowers, cake, invitations, and other services. However, this number can vary widely depending on the location, season, guest count, style, and personal preferences of the couple.

, How Much Does a Wedding Cost in Canada? Average Costs and Money-Saving Tips, Blooms Collection Inc.
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For example, weddings in urban areas tend to be more expensive than those in rural areas. The most expensive provinces to get married are Ontario ($32,600), British Columbia ($31,200), and Alberta ($28.900), while the least expensive are Newfoundland and Labrador ($14.600), Prince Edward Island ($16.300), and New Brunswick ($17.400).

Similarly, weddings during peak seasons (May to October) tend to be more costly than those during off-peak seasons (November to April). The most popular months to get married are August (18%), September (17%), and June (13%), while the least popular are January (3%), February (4%), and March (5%).

The number of guests also affects the budget significantly. The average guest count for Canadian weddings is 124 people. However, some couples may opt for smaller or larger weddings depending on their vision and social circle. The more guests you have, the more you will spend on food, beverages, rentals, favors, and invitations.

Tips to save money on your wedding

While weddings can be expensive, there are ways to reduce costs without compromising quality or style. Here are some tips to save money on your wedding:

  • Set a budget and stick to it. Before you start planning your wedding, decide how much you can afford to spend and allocate it to different categories. Track your expenses and avoid overspending or adding unnecessary items.
  • Prioritize what matters most. Make a list of what is important for you and your partner and focus on those aspects. You don't have to follow every tradition or trend if they don't suit your taste or budget. For example, you may splurge on photography but skip videography or choose a simple cake but invest in flowers.
  • Negotiate with vendors. Don't be afraid to ask for discounts or packages from your vendors. You may be able to get better deals if you book early or pay in full or bundle multiple services together. You can also compare prices from different vendors and choose the ones that offer the best value for money.
  • Diy some elements. If you have creative skills or know someone who does, you can save money by making some elements yourself or with help from friends or family. For example, you can design your own invitations or make your own centerpieces or favors. However, be realistic about what you can do and don't take on too much work that will stress you out or compromise quality.
  • Avoid peak times. As mentioned earlier, weddings during peak seasons or days tend to be more expensive than those during off-peak times. If possible, choose a date that is less popular or demand such as weekdays or winter months. You may also find lower rates for venues or vendors during these times.

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